Slots Casino USA

You may have heard about Microgaming slots casino USA is undergoing a change in its software platform so that they could re-enter the US market depending upon when and if the UIGEA Law is repealed. In the meantime, Betware will be the alternative software platform for Microgaming casinos. The first slot casino USA to make this transition is All Slots USA Casino. While it is not open to new players, if you have an account at All Slots you can now play at the new All Slots USA Casino. A download only casino, All Slots USA is offering progressive slots and other casino games you were use to playing at All Slots. But, you can be sure that Microgaming will continue to add new slots every month.

US Players Have a Variety of Casinos to Choose From

As Microgaming continues to make the necessary changes in its software platform, you have a variety of casinos to choose from. To this end, we would like to introduce the top slots casino USA casinos online today. If you have been locked out of your existing Microgaming casino, now you have the opportunity to join these US casinos that have been given the highest rating by US players.