Lucky Fruity 7's Slots

Not all slots provide the chance to bet several coins on each payline. Yet that is just one of the treats built into the popular Lucky Fruity 7s game. This game may look basic at first glance, but there is a lot more going on here than you’d imagine. If you like your basic slots to have a bit more pep to them, this one is certainly worth checking out!

Reels and lines in play

As you might already have guessed, the Lucky Fruity 7s slot only has three reels. This means it only uses one payline to get things underway.

Coin options

We know you can try up to five coins on the payline, and the number chosen influences the level of prizes given. This is shown in the paytable, so check out the options and think about your budget before you decide what to do. Coins are available from a cent apiece up to the maximum of $10 per coin.

Lucky Fruity 7s special symbols to watch out for

You won’t be amazed to learn there’s no scatter to worry about in this game. You do get a wild icon however, and this will appear as the logo for the slot. You only need to find one or two to secure a prize during a spin of the reels. Ideally, though, you’ll want to get three on the payline, because this will bring you the jackpot. The amount you would win depends on how many coins you wagered when you hit that result.

For example, if you wagered just one coin, you’d get 1,000x your bet back. Play the maximum five coins though, and the reward rises to the top prize of 5,000x your bet. Wouldn’t that be cool to win?

Are there bonus features to try and find?

You won’t be terribly amazed to realize Lucky Fruity 7s keeps things simple in this department. There are no bonuses to be found here. You are limited to the assistance of the wild and the hope of winning that jackpot (which we sure hope you do).

Download and play the Lucky Fruity 7s slot game now!

We love the colors used in Lucky Fruity 7s, and it has a nice familiar feel to it we think you will appreciate. If you have tried a few bigger slots and you want to try a classic, you could do way worse than choosing this.